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50 shades of reality – Chris and Stacy?

If Christian Grey wasn’t posh and wealthy?

A strange thought came to mind a few days ago. On how BDSM has been portrayed in film and everyday life.

Incidentally I hold that for an author who isn’t in to kink, she must have seen or watched at least ’The Secretary or some other erotic books in her youth), but had been taken in by ’Twighlight’ Fantasy romance and fan fiction. And attending an all girls Grammar School, could have some influence 😉

Incidentally I think the similarities between ’The Secretary’ and 50 Shades are too uncanny. 

Take 50 shades.  Christian Grey the lead in the ‘current mommy porn televised books’ and Anastasia.

Now a simplified name of Christian in Chris and and a common variation on Anastasia is Stacy.

Would the books have read the same if Chris and Stacy got together? Or the films?

Hints at BDSM pop up in common TV series, everything from Midsomer Murders to the hilarious ‘Stella’  to teen comedy Misfits!

The Reality of a a BDSM Chris and Stacy story would probably involve a council flat or semi with a kinky garage or loft conversion dungeon! And maybe occasional membership of a swingers club (again not necessary BDSM) or a visits to a bespoke hotel, plus a decent trade with LoveHoney or Ann Summers!

The majority of the population may not experience BDSM, but may at some point in life ‘experiment’ However its such a broad area that people go from regular club attendance, to creating ‘home dungeons’ or focusing on a few particular fetishes.

I know very few people that are able to live a 24/7 commitment. Those that do have ‘good health, and some form of steady income.

The majority have regular jobs and maybe reasonable health with at least one partner. Although this may be a false description as plenty of people with health conditions and disabilities find BDSM a fantastic outlet or part of life.

Theres no doubt that money helps to ‘buy stuff and do things’.


With 5 books of the 50 shades series (and 3 films ) so far I’ve only read one, and possibly seen a couple of films! 

BDSM in the media.

According to Maria Claire

The following are the Top BDSM Movies of Merit.

While I don’t agree with all, if your into the BDSM mainstream movie genre they are worth a look. I certainly have a soft spot for Billy Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and 9 1/2 weeks and Basic Instinct are classics with merit!
Bonding, too was a very enjoyable comical but realistic series.

Personally I think B Movie BDSM films should be watched by all beginners, such as ‘The Pet’, under supervisions.
For all the tacky acting. This is a dark film of where ‘play’ can lead to abuse, and in the films end theme human trafficking, which sadly is still very very real in 2020!

“A young woman in dire financial straights accepts an offer to be a wealthy aristocrat’s human “pet” for six months. Then ruthless modern “pet-nappers” kidnap the woman to sell her on the GSM (Global Slave Market). ”

Themes of The Pet include 

Its not to be confused with the later 2016 film ‘Pet’ (but sometimes also miscalled The Pet, just to confuse things which is much more of a physiological thriller exploring fanatical fetishism and abuse.

Keep Educated, Keep Safe.

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Its worth adding the Music Features a good deal in ‘making, rather than breaking’ the film.