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Future posts – Religion – toys and their cost –

I’ve got a few part drafted posts.. Islam and BDSM,  The Future..  Well we just hit 2020, the world was supposed to end in 2012 and it seems bits of it are heading in that direction. And maybe a bit of ‘What If’ or would wish for blog. Who wouldn’t like a nice private grown up garden to play in with some outdoor BDSM? I think if I extended our current home there’s going to be a lot of lighter painting on the fence to match the light airy feel of indoors.

Actually between ‘regular life picking up’ and sleeping next to a coughing partner with the remains of a cold, I’ve not had time to consider play. And yet again my Hb, thats the vital hormone usually produced to stimulateEPO for red blood cell production in the bone marrow, has dropped. Kidneys are something that regulates that, so it may mean, without kidney function, my injection dose gets increased! Its a bummer bit if your near anaemic, the mojo dies!

Also something I’ve touched across before in the cost markup of toys, from their manufacturing countries (often China apart from bespoke/handmade or smaller traders who complement their wares with purchased goods for resale) If you’d like me to research certain toys, do leave a comment, and I might narrow it down to 5 or so, or maybe more or less.

Islam and BDSM is I think going to be a fascinating one, I came across, while researching an interview with a 24/7 Shiite Muslim female slave. While I’ll concentrate on Islam (on paper I’m Christian, but not practicing (although helping people and the planet doesn’t require religion! )

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Share and share alike

I’m not personally convinced that 1 to 1 is the best way for modern relationships.  To me they still linger on to Victorianesque, women as property, based on on power hungry misinterpretations of the holy scriptures, which incidentally are FULL of sex, multiple partners, sleeping with your brothers wife etc. 

My issue with religious is that its easily ‘lost in translation, and used for control, rather than good. I consider myself polyamours, but live in a monogomous relationship.

If you ever look at the Bible/Torah/Quoran, you’ll notice that they include the same texts to some degree!

Polamoury, from loosely translated ‘many loves’ is a relationship where ‘play’ not always sex, is agreed with 1 or more partners. Often polyamorous relationships are intensely loving when successful, IF jealously can be put aside.

Swinging, is sharing partners for sex, usually the same, but often at ‘clubs’ or off websites. Sounds fab but I feel you need confidence or both be interested to really make it work.

Open relationships..  These really are probably one that occurs at the beginning of relationships, communication, awareness of other partners may be minimal, or it may be a relationship where 1 or more people just do not commit.  

Polygamy and polygyny.  Generally this involves recognised marriage to more than one spouse..  While legal in many religious it may not be legal in the law of a country.

My personal experiences of polyamory are that its difficult, jealousy often arises, even if unintentional, the illogical need to ‘own’ a partner are deep