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Sex Toys – Recycle them Greener Play BDSM on a Budget

The 9 R’s Reduce, Reuse Recycle, Respect Rehome, Reward, Rethink Revovle and Rework

While I don’t always listen to my now rules.   I’m a big fan of made up fantasy Rules, Gibbs Rules from NCIS, the ST Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, there are some day to day rules that we can aim for.

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Don’t Eat the Poison Berries!

Recycling Sex Toys and BSDM on a budget.

As kids and teens we play about with different textures, smells, colours, as puberty and early adulthood hit we develop, and sometimes act on our fantasies, desires, preferences. We continue to touch things and increasingly, stick things inside our various orifices for dares, fun and pleasure! We lust for a fuller and fuller toybox! Usually reverting to 1 or 2 favourites and a bear!

Maybe for another topic.

Getting back on TOPic..:)  
A quick search brought me to the article I was looking for

Love Honey runs a Rabbit Amnesty, for other sex toys, and I think one or 2 other sites do. They are currently running various offers via quidco for new and existing customers!

I’m all for budget play, scarves, clothes pegs of various materials make excellent DIY clamps as does anything else that clamps, from hair clamps to harsh stationary/office and DIY screw clamps for the kinkiest budget player.

Rope is a good one for bondage, but you need to know some basic knots.

Clothes, pegs, Rope and Scarfs, ‘Connectors’  (I’ve tried to find a cheap link but these are 3 way, or 2 way  D ring connectors that allow bondage to be linked (usually for ‘hogtie’ or behind back bondage but be imaginative 

Rope, Rubber Bands and Zip Ties..  Rubber bands are generally REALLY NOT SAFE.. I’m repeatedly told But, I’ve used them without  any issue ever for play, breast binding etc. Use at your own discretion.   Same goes with bungee cords. Again I’ve used them often with a good set of cuffs and never had any accidents.

Zip ties, tight, coarse, just make sure you can remove them. Not personally used them but seems popular for breast bondage on Amateur Porn sites.

I’ve shopped from various mainstream suppliers such as LoveHoney, Sextoys UK, https://www.bondara.co.uk, https://www.uberkinky.co.uk/sex-toys.html and a few of the others. I find it pays to shop around a bit, often the ‘main cheap budget’ on all sites comes from China anyway, which I get to next.

I’m a contradiction when it comes to buying as I do shop directly from the cheap as chips AliExpress, part of Alibaba, products comes direct from China on a very Ebay/Amazon Buy It Now  type shop front.

To shop at AliExpress via Quidco for /Cashback, click HERE:

Examples below.

A Bed Bondage Kit costs around 3 quid.

Paddles that you WILL see on most mainstream adult stalls and Fetish Fairs/Markets for under 3 quid.

Its worth bearing in mind that shipping from China Takes a while, and anything over about 18 quid will most likely incur shipping/taxduty charges.

There are a few sites where you can sell toys, such as www.kinkie.co.uk.
Although be warned, like GumTree these include the popular market for used everything from underwear and bras (which now CAN be recycled properly) and less savoury ‘goods’.

I’ll finish with a suitable song: