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I really don’t want to write about politics but

The UK is in a mess. And this is NOT a sexy situation. Right now I am although happy with the state of the world! 

The fact that people fell for the lying greedy party is covered very well by, Another Angry Voice an independent blogger who fact checks etc. If your not in the UK, just read up on our 3 main parties, well actually 2 main and 2 lesser, plus many many individuals. If your not in the UK you’ve probably still heard of Britains Exit from the European Union, which was like another dodgy car salesman vote.  It looked shiny, people fell for it, then realised after after you’d got it home, taken it shopping and maybe to visit the in laws, you discovered you’d been lied to, the gearbox was fucked and the petrol tank contained sawdust!  It was also a very very tactical distraction from the inflicted poverty and global issues of the time.   A time that could have actually be spent dealing with crisis issues, rather than focusing only on very short term commerce and gain for the minority.
A few small changes to laws could have avoided it, but those in power chose to rape a nation!

Rather than a campaign built on facts people fell for the emotive, the warfare tactic of discrediting the enemy, propaganda, spreading rumours, lies to undermine the opposition.

How does this look for the the BDSM world.  The conservative gov previously tried to tighten self expression by banning the filming of several acts in porn, including women squirting, spanking, face sitting and much of consensual self expression in BDSM, that is viewed, and in most cases produced as porn safely and consensually under the legal standards of whatever country it comes from.

“Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 to include pornography available over video on demand and streaming platforms, effectively aligning internet pornography laws with the Video Recordings Act 1984. This brought a renewed controversy over the banning of depiction of certain sex acts including depictions “physical or verbal abuse”, “role-play as non-adults”, urolagnia, and female ejaculation, among others.[25]”

The next 5 years for the BDSM, and the world of sexual expression may look bleak,  and a step backward for the LGBTQ and kink communities, as division, even among families leads to separation. Politically this ‘divide and conquer’ a country is something most people should have seen, but like lambs to the slaughter they preferred to believe the propaganda, rather than follow rules of informed decision, and consented to nonconsensual political stupid for the until the next election. So expect more division, a hatred, in some areas for self expression and a rise of the more extreme protests against equality, freedom of expression as is occurring in the USA, Europe, and much of the rest of the world. The main man behind the current party in power, the organiser and aide was well know for his divide and conquer tactics. Not a politician, but an operator, a lover of discord and disruption. 
We’re in a political climate where those in power would love EVERYONE to love and vote for them forever more. Apart perhaps from women, the disabled, idiots, people that don’t look right, and Sharon’s mum’ s sister cos of what she said last year..  YES, THAT is how fucking ridiculous politics IS at the moment, and how far back it may go! 
A shoutout for Extinction Rebellion..  

For those that care about freedom, about the climate, and the future. and kink. XR even have a small group on Fetlife, so show your support where you can.

I’m making this site Pay as You Feel,  Also known as Pay As You Want, or Pay What You like, to give a little, or nothing depending on how you feel.


The Pay As You Feel principle (also known as Pay What You Want and Pay What You Like) is a heterodox pricing strategy that puts the customer at complete discretion over the price they are willing to pay for goods or services.

The most commonly used names for this pricing strategy are completely self-explanatory because the idea that the the customer is at complete freedom to determine the price for themselves is actually quite a simple one.

Even though the idea itself is simple enough, there are quite a lot of interesting economic factors to consider when it comes to breaking the orthodox mindset that things have a set price and replacing it with a pricing system that allows the price to exist as a free choice between £0 and any value the customer chooses.


I’ll try and make my next post a bit more cheerful, budget BDSM for Christmas perhaps:)  Although in the ether is a post on social media and better blowjobs! Tres Educational.  Or one on male grooming in the lower regions? Would you like that?

Stay sexy dear readers, hell knows I”m finding it difficult right now!  Seasons Greetings, Salutations and keep it real! If you’ll excuse the pun, we really need to come together as a species!

Bill & red!