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A remote photoshoot during lockdown?

As a creator and admin on a couple of groups on a well known popular Adult social networking site, yes they one that describes itself as “Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me.”

“The question was is anyone interested in doing a photoshoot via Skype?”

 Now we live in an increasing age of instant visual gratification (on the whole) with KIK, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok  and most chats are done on mobile phones with decent cameras, but for a photoshoot.
With Skype perhaps holding the most for those late night saucy chats..

However you and your model could use a wireless access software, if for instance you really know the person to screen share, or access their device. 15 Ways to Control an  Android Device   
Hmmm Control!  This does mean however they have remote access to the whole device, the same tactic taken nonconsensually to hackers and blackmail scams. So make sure you really trust the person.
Team Viewer is MultiPlatform

Certainly an interesting concept.

I’m not advocating anyone take any risks to their, or anyone else health, but thoughts have occurred to me of outdoor shoots, where there doesn’t need to be such close proximity. Or using remote shutters. Some are 5 metres signal or more. Without breaking the decency or current rules on daily exercise, that I think would be a challenge. I’ve used them during play seasons where I need to be in the shot too, or for the camera to be mounted steady on a grip, tripod etc. I’m a big lover of HAMA’s grip Tripods, sometimes known as Table Tripods or Camera Clamps, if you can get hold of them or similar, a phone mount can be added, or of course you camera can be clamped to a table, or the end of your bed, handy water pipe, tree,  and with a remote shutter you don’t have to be too close! Some of my own best photos have been with a tripod, or clamp mount and a remote shutter to keep my hands and direction free with my model or playmate.

Finding someone local to model would be my first challenge *GRINS*

There are some decent external 4K, vid and higher than 1080p webcams on the market that might do the trick, but your model, or yourself if posing at home would need the gear, and or software, or maybe use something other than Skype (Viber came up in my research). Of course these cost money so using your existing camera or phone may be a better idea, scroll down for more on that.
My own laptop has a 720p camera built in which is fine, for selfies and zoom meets etc but probably wouldn’t do much for a photoshoot if some decent images were wanted:)

Hmmm Clamps!

Even if you don’t have a fancy camera there are plenty of remote shutters for mobiles too! Those crappy mobile shots due to your shaking hands can be a think of the past.

Table Tripod, Desk Clamp



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Have fun, stay safe

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