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Behind the lack of content – Health

Apologies dear followers for the lack of content, I know you are few but enjoy reading!
I’ve been struggling a bit to feel sexy enough to write, and other stuff has got in the way.
I’m also suffering from Low Calcium, theres not a lot I can do about that apart from try and get more sun, and eat calcium rich foods. Sadly you won’t see me in shorts and a T shirt with the temp at around 6 C.

Severe symptoms of hypocalcemia include:

confusion or memory loss
muscle spasms
numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, and face
muscle cramps
weak and brittle nails
easy fracturing of the bones” 

Don’t worry tho the med team are on it and I’m eating plenty of cheese (which I love, !)

So lets look at some of the topics I can hopefully line up for you.
Aural Sex, storytelling and orgasm denial, a good little exercise for submissives, or anyone who enjoys a bit of self pleasure!
Slidy Fingers
Doggie Style
G-Spot O, for Orgasm
Temeparature Play, turn up the heating, get out the ice
Love Balls (well that could mean many things!)  (Look up Love Balls and you’ll find a girls online game, but I’ve NEVER EVER called them ‘jiggle balls’ in 50 shades style! They are and should always be Ben Wa Balls, unless they are not!

So bare with, and in the meantime enjoy The BDSM Files from my good friend and Regular Blogger MrsWolfie

CKD & The Black Dog – and nilla support & politics

There’s nothing kinky about this post, and as we’ve just passed Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK (or was it month) 

Geek fact. Both Winston Churchill, and   Samuel Johnson)  supposedly used the term the Black Dog to talk about depression in their depression. Possibly a myth about Churchill and some theories suggest he referred to annoying children visiting as ‘another visit from the black dog’

“”The term ‘black dog’ was first used to describe feelings
of melancholy by Dr Samuel Johnson”

Depression affects everyone at some point in their life, sometimes recurring and is common in those with kidney problems. It certainly hits on libido and relationships.

This months edition of Kidney Matters, the charity publication from Kidney Care UK has an excellent article on the subject of Walking The Black Dog on P30, and both the National Kidney Federation and Kidney Care UK have information on depression and support.  These charities and their site contents and support apply to UK residents only. All services are provided by the charity from fundraising and support.

I’ve made the step this month to get some more counselling, by phone from KCUK And also reached out to my own care team for help, as they may be able to help financially.  So, if your suffering from either finance problems, or depression,  overcome any shame and reach out for help, be it with financial costs for travel or white goods.

There’s no doubt the the Coalition Gov and then tory Rule, is going to have a knock on effect for years to come, even if the gov changes in the UK on Dec 12th..  I WILL be voting Labour, and if you want the truth on claims from the opposition look at a site such as FULL FACT.