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Why I don’t take part in social media questions!

You’ve all seen the posts. The latest I saw was ‘Name this DJ?’  Often you’ll see What is your? Name This? Have You ever.

Lets look closer at these kind of profiles. The name, may or may not be genuine. My latest was 107 Rewind Radio, with a bubble caption ‘Your allowed to meet your 18 year old self, your allowed to say 3 words, what would you say?’ 107 is a genuine radio station, one of my friends liked, saw, shared etc.

Why do I need to answer this? I don’t, in fact I generally ‘Hide All’ on facebook, and on other sites, including BDSM sites, I don’t feel obliged to ‘Love’.  I’m not there to add, give 2 seconds of appreciation or WASTE MY TIME on something that will be gone ‘downstream’ in a day. 

Its important to remember Just Waste Time, and relax sometimes.  But the rest of the time, cherish the seconds!