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Selling kinky stuff online – Why Fetlife Wins!

Theres some stuff I’m just not using any more.

Various metal cuff sets. A couple of nipple play sets, Story of O DVD’s and The Pet, and soon to go, some ‘Battle Trousers’ cosplay that I’ve barely worn and just don’t fit.

This is all stuff I might have used with ’new subs or photoshoots’.  As this seems unlikely to happen at the moment, clear the clutter! 

Selling on eBay has become a pain, apart from their endless emails and push to relist, my listing software is no longer supported and going through there website is a slow and frustrating process.
And FB market place is just too fussy, and public! 

UK Kinky Things for Sale on Fetlife is what it says on the tin.  Just a group for selling stuff.  No Damn Fees, no ‘This isn’t suitable for eBay messages.  You DO need a FetLife account, (if your a ‘Fetlife lifer’ like my good self, its not a problem

So, if your on Fet.  Don’t bin it. Sell it.