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Why this video, & my disability links in with BDSM

This is a DDN (nope not Daddy Dom Never) but Double Down News Video on UK education 

Observing my education. I was privileged.  My parents where working middle class in reality, working in the public sector they saved and purchased a house, saved and and sent their kids to independent schools (Private Schools) rather than state. With a chronic condition, I was in and out of hospital, moved from infant (prep school) to one private school for most of my education, which focused on achievement and discipline and competition (very conservative).

Go to college, learn to drive,  get a job, work for the big business or go into high paid jobs.Other people will do stuff for you if you give them money. Some choose to go into what are still lower paid professions. OR do not have those privileges and thus are in circumstance due to inequality. And have kids. In other words, be a good drone for society, and you’ll be rewarded. And lied to, deceived, and given false truths and news.

In and out of medical facilities the school did very little to support me, and indeed didn’t notice, or didn’t contact my parents when I was absent for a week or so, nor did they send any support.  
I moved onto another school, mostly focused on a much more art and action b
based education (look up Steiner Schools). While in hospital I was in an out of hospital school as well, something that our Conservative government tried to scrap!
From then I moved onto state school and university to complete my studies.  I had the privileged, mostly capitalist view of the world, although I was never that happy with the world.
 Inequality  was never in my eye until I was a little older but I could see that Equality, was a buzz word that was unachievable to humanity in its current form. And still is.

So WHY is this video relevant to BDSM and education.  Most education is loosely still based on that. As a species, on the whole we teach our young in that same capitalist method, that THINGS AND MONEY, are the key to success, that you have to be better than others, even if equality and diversity are thrown around as buswords.

DIFFERENCES, including BDSM are still seen as ‘weird’ or not normal. And while the freedom of sexual expression is fairly open in the UK, there have been moves to remove some of that. To add more control of our lives to the state. Without my mixed education, I would NOT have had the opportunity to advance, to change, to learn about myself. In other countries, the state still abhors or punishes those that do not meet the conformity, often under the guise of false news or religion.

I live in an area of poverty, thats a gov fact, in fact people have houses, drive cars. But it a background of crime, links to sex trafficking, drugs (in some areas) and the worst health poverty in the area. The local council, mostly conservative is good at greenwashing itself, and encouraging people to be ‘part of the community’ while there’s nothing wrong with that, those ‘getting involved, are a small minority.

We cannot have education that continues teaching the 9 to 5 wealth and breeding program if we want to survive as a species. Because its the only opportunity taught to children, it needs major educational change to break the pattern.

So, watch and share double down news, talk to your friends about it. ARGUE with your friends about it:) Be your own government!