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Some unscheduled activity

I don’t normally play in the evenings, despite the fact this.  Or lets say I don’t usually LIKE playing in the evening. Usually our play time is late.. Round about 11 or after IF its in the evening.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some good 2 hour evening/night time sessions but these are rare.

Really a ‘newbies rule of thumb’ is ‘don’t play/exercise/try to do deep coding when your exhausted’ Just don’t.  Unless your a young hormone rich healthy person in which case keep at it. There really ARE plenty of articles to back this theory up, so feel free to check it out via a search engine of your choice.

Last night warm bed, under a duvet can be quite arousing. However unless you keep the heating whacked up, the room soon chills.

What fails it is, getting out from under the warm duvet, ‘red’ going to get a towel, and basic foreplay, touching teasing. I know which buttons to push, and exactly where they are. Given that its the first time I’ve actually felt frisky in a long time it was worth a go. This IS long term CKD, having been knocked back by a virus, and general getting up at 6 AM most days.

I treated a couple of O’s to the girl, *I have MAGIC FINGERS*  (really playing her body like an instrument is a huge turn on for me) but the problem is, post treatment, more dehydrated perhaps, end of the day, so the position is there, the energy is their, but I turn to half mast. And really cannot be arsed to finish myself off, nor was their an offer of help..  I know a few people who would be willing, but thats another story!  It was enjoyable, steamy, passionate and loving all the same.

Time for a break from this, its barely above freezing here dear readers, but the physical form needs some exercise! I just thought you’d like to know the beast isn’t completely dead!

Comments, and feedback, are, as always, very welcome. Love licks and spanks. Rope and Roses