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Setting the Scene – The quick version

I Absolutely adore BigBold&Brights Get Ready with Me(or ‘etting the scene’!)

However my own experience has come from a different chaotic background of scene play. Not everyone can clear a bedroom, however there are a few few hacks, certainly if you are going to snap a few photos, or add music.

Shelving, a few simple map pins and rubber bands allow you to drape/hide shelves or a wardrobe in a matter of minutes. They’ll make zero damage and can easily be removed.

Should your bedroom contain a desk, as younger readers, or those in less than independent circumstances may well be, your not going to be able to clear the essentials, but again a drape, (make sure you turn off or unplug any non essential power and don’t cover sockets or transformers.

Lighting, if your lucky enough to have daytime play as I often did a curtain with a warmer colour orange or yellow can add a glow to a sunny room. Who said play had to be dark and moody! Keyring white lights can me coloured with a marker pen, even xmas lights on red can offer a mood enhancer.

Toys, I have a lot of toys, however keep the essentials handy, lube, maybe a set of cuffs and blindfold or bondage tape or perhaps some cloths pegs.

In the less private of dwellings these are a few items that can easily be packed away

If your lucky to have complete privacy in your own place, you can of course, mould it to your own tastes..

Music in particular is to peoples own taste. I know those that have scened in club music, gansta rap with explicit lyrics. I’ve started scenes with some passionate, non vocal. I’ve given a ‘foreplay massage’ to KennyG’s Breathless with the lights dimmed, and whipped a bound submissive in rhythm to Maddonna’s ‘Confessions Tour’ Album
There are plenty of pre created ‘playlists’ of Music of Sex, or top listing ‘Erotic Music’ available on youtube (probably best to acquire for your own use to avoid the ‘Amazon Sales’ ads halfway through your passion.)

Being able to control bass/audio can make a huge difference. If you happen to play music the option of an equaliser, even an App on a phone can make the difference. I used to have a fantastic Mini Hifi (now sold as Microsystems) with a manual sound control.  While I’ve not tested any of these apps, do let me know if they make a difference, IF you rely on your smartphone or tablet for music during play. Deeper bass can reverberate and trigger more sensation, as opposed to a tinny tune.

Be safe, Have Fun fellow kinky chums.