Very Low Blood Pressure

Well the curses of having long term CKD, is blood pressure issues. Either high, or too low in this case, far too low.

This would partly at least, explain my complete, lack of oomph & limpness the past few weeks in the trouser snake section! 

So self monitoring over the weekend. BP is better but still low, but not dangerously low as it was.
Technically I shouldn’t have been standing up with a BP of 67/33.

The UK, ‘non emergency service, 111 (if your not in the UK, we have 999 (the equivalent of the US 911) and another ‘non emergency medical advice number if your need is not urgent but you do need to speak to a specialist and can’t wait to see a General Practitioner). So good news is I wasn’t blue lighted to the the hospital yesterday.

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