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I really don’t want to write about politics but

The UK is in a mess. And this is NOT a sexy situation. Right now I am although happy with the state of the world! 

The fact that people fell for the lying greedy party is covered very well by, Another Angry Voice an independent blogger who fact checks etc. If your not in the UK, just read up on our 3 main parties, well actually 2 main and 2 lesser, plus many many individuals. If your not in the UK you’ve probably still heard of Britains Exit from the European Union, which was like another dodgy car salesman vote.  It looked shiny, people fell for it, then realised after after you’d got it home, taken it shopping and maybe to visit the in laws, you discovered you’d been lied to, the gearbox was fucked and the petrol tank contained sawdust!  It was also a very very tactical distraction from the inflicted poverty and global issues of the time.   A time that could have actually be spent dealing with crisis issues, rather than focusing only on very short term commerce and gain for the minority.
A few small changes to laws could have avoided it, but those in power chose to rape a nation!

Rather than a campaign built on facts people fell for the emotive, the warfare tactic of discrediting the enemy, propaganda, spreading rumours, lies to undermine the opposition.

How does this look for the the BDSM world.  The conservative gov previously tried to tighten self expression by banning the filming of several acts in porn, including women squirting, spanking, face sitting and much of consensual self expression in BDSM, that is viewed, and in most cases produced as porn safely and consensually under the legal standards of whatever country it comes from.

“Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 to include pornography available over video on demand and streaming platforms, effectively aligning internet pornography laws with the Video Recordings Act 1984. This brought a renewed controversy over the banning of depiction of certain sex acts including depictions “physical or verbal abuse”, “role-play as non-adults”, urolagnia, and female ejaculation, among others.[25]”

The next 5 years for the BDSM, and the world of sexual expression may look bleak,  and a step backward for the LGBTQ and kink communities, as division, even among families leads to separation. Politically this ‘divide and conquer’ a country is something most people should have seen, but like lambs to the slaughter they preferred to believe the propaganda, rather than follow rules of informed decision, and consented to nonconsensual political stupid for the until the next election. So expect more division, a hatred, in some areas for self expression and a rise of the more extreme protests against equality, freedom of expression as is occurring in the USA, Europe, and much of the rest of the world. The main man behind the current party in power, the organiser and aide was well know for his divide and conquer tactics. Not a politician, but an operator, a lover of discord and disruption. 
We’re in a political climate where those in power would love EVERYONE to love and vote for them forever more. Apart perhaps from women, the disabled, idiots, people that don’t look right, and Sharon’s mum’ s sister cos of what she said last year..  YES, THAT is how fucking ridiculous politics IS at the moment, and how far back it may go! 
A shoutout for Extinction Rebellion..  

For those that care about freedom, about the climate, and the future. and kink. XR even have a small group on Fetlife, so show your support where you can.

I’m making this site Pay as You Feel,  Also known as Pay As You Want, or Pay What You like, to give a little, or nothing depending on how you feel.


The Pay As You Feel principle (also known as Pay What You Want and Pay What You Like) is a heterodox pricing strategy that puts the customer at complete discretion over the price they are willing to pay for goods or services.

The most commonly used names for this pricing strategy are completely self-explanatory because the idea that the the customer is at complete freedom to determine the price for themselves is actually quite a simple one.

Even though the idea itself is simple enough, there are quite a lot of interesting economic factors to consider when it comes to breaking the orthodox mindset that things have a set price and replacing it with a pricing system that allows the price to exist as a free choice between £0 and any value the customer chooses.


I’ll try and make my next post a bit more cheerful, budget BDSM for Christmas perhaps:)  Although in the ether is a post on social media and better blowjobs! Tres Educational.  Or one on male grooming in the lower regions? Would you like that?

Stay sexy dear readers, hell knows I”m finding it difficult right now!  Seasons Greetings, Salutations and keep it real! If you’ll excuse the pun, we really need to come together as a species!

Bill & red!

All I Need Triggers – Good Triggers

Funny how music can act as a little trigger. Usually I’ll listen to radio 2 to set up You Bastard on Sat (if L isn’t taking a turn). No issue with Ken Bruce but I prefer something a little less 60’s Love Songs (Although the trippy title music on Britannia is fun) R2 gets the other 3 days a week, I do my treatments. Theres really no explanation of why I should name medical equipment after a fictional mathematical genius who happens to be a camel, but..   Just BECAUSE…:)

So Smooth Chill is my chosen audio trip on most Sat mornings.
Turn it on, out of the phone streams a song I haven’t heard for a while. Way back in the 80’s, ancient history for todays nippers) a mate introduced me to Air (he was French) and they played a major chill out, love music and got used a lot in advertising, outdoor events etc that I used to go to.

So, let me introduce you to Air – All I Need words sung by Beth Hirsh,
You can check out the lyrics here:

All I need is a little time
To get behind this sun and cast my weight
All I need is a peace of this mind
Then I can celebrate

Air got me through many many stressful nights, and days, full albums on my first MP3 player (which I still have) and a decent set of headphones for some serious trance like chill out on the stereo in my bedroom (Which don’t have)

Incidentally Air also wrote the soundtrack for and music for the dark love romance Virgin Suicides, 
Full track Album

And some quotes from the film during s scene of passion.

“The word ‘Hurricane’ is the name given to nature’s strongest storm.
A hurricane occurs when high pressure and low pressure masses of air come in contact with one another.

There is often a significant difference in temperature between the two masses.
One mass is warm, while the other is cold.
The warmer air rises, and the cooler air falls.
Likewise, the low pressure area slides down the sides of the high pressure area.

They swirl in and around one another, creating the beginnings of the storm.”

To be fair I haven’t listened to a lot of their newer work, and some if it, really doesn’t have the same chill out aspect, but variety generally good.  Party on.

Bill from Rope, Roses and Red

Some unscheduled activity

I don’t normally play in the evenings, despite the fact this.  Or lets say I don’t usually LIKE playing in the evening. Usually our play time is late.. Round about 11 or after IF its in the evening.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some good 2 hour evening/night time sessions but these are rare.

Really a ‘newbies rule of thumb’ is ‘don’t play/exercise/try to do deep coding when your exhausted’ Just don’t.  Unless your a young hormone rich healthy person in which case keep at it. There really ARE plenty of articles to back this theory up, so feel free to check it out via a search engine of your choice.

Last night warm bed, under a duvet can be quite arousing. However unless you keep the heating whacked up, the room soon chills.

What fails it is, getting out from under the warm duvet, ‘red’ going to get a towel, and basic foreplay, touching teasing. I know which buttons to push, and exactly where they are. Given that its the first time I’ve actually felt frisky in a long time it was worth a go. This IS long term CKD, having been knocked back by a virus, and general getting up at 6 AM most days.

I treated a couple of O’s to the girl, *I have MAGIC FINGERS*  (really playing her body like an instrument is a huge turn on for me) but the problem is, post treatment, more dehydrated perhaps, end of the day, so the position is there, the energy is their, but I turn to half mast. And really cannot be arsed to finish myself off, nor was their an offer of help..  I know a few people who would be willing, but thats another story!  It was enjoyable, steamy, passionate and loving all the same.

Time for a break from this, its barely above freezing here dear readers, but the physical form needs some exercise! I just thought you’d like to know the beast isn’t completely dead!

Comments, and feedback, are, as always, very welcome. Love licks and spanks. Rope and Roses

Don’t Drink the Lemonade – A Munching I did go!

So, I got a lift last night (Mon) of the delightful young D, a 28 year old f sub,  (who I’d quite honestly love to do diabolical and sordid deeds with!) to the local Fetish Munch (Telford Fetish Munch on Fetlife) Going after treatment, is, always a challenge for me. It washes me out, literally, so a 2 and a half hour nap, and after a month or so of depression I was not quite usual self. Its an informal munch but supposedly the only gay pub in the village, makes me think of elements of Royston Vasey and indeed a C4 program of the same name! If you care to check its the 3 Furnaces, Madely! 

Its actually a regular, but  remote pub, seemingly with a bit of a reputation ‘Its a drug den’, oh yes I’ve HEARD of it, but is allegedly the only fairly tolerant to LGBTQ+ folks in the area, I do find this hard to believe. Its listed as a gay pub but its pretty open, although the pink walls near the stage area do kinda shout out! I say remote, OK its stuck on a main road, across the edge of the Brookside estate (possibly named after the TV program)! 

They do have a poker night and various acts/drag events on during the week it seems. Although the poker players seem to be more of a modern day gang from Bugsey Malone than adults! Age wise, they look like school kids!

Not feeling at my best I went to get a drink, treat myself to a Pepsi, they only do Pepsi Max  WTF!  So I go for a lemonade, I must remember. I’ve had the taste of artificial sweetener in my mouth since last night, and it won’t go till my next treatment tomorrow morning.  Better to bring my own flask or stick with tea! Possible the most random conversation was that of the location of a power socket. I think would have been right up MrsWolfie’s style of debate! (Why I think this I dunno). We’ve talked so much over the years we could well have met more than twice person.

About 21 people turned up, now thats about my limit for an event, especially in a small venue. I’ve now added a few more people on Fet, and can hopefully work towards meeting them more regularly. This includes one bi sub who’s a bit outside my age range that I usually think about with males, although online I’ve had a few! Nice backside tho, and a mascohist! 

Might be trying ANOTHER Mon night munch in a few weeks, again, getting a lift from the lovely D

Will I go again. Hell yes, its the social aspect of being comfy around like and openminded people that I miss even without fairs and play! And if more events come about, trips to BBB or kinky peeps bowling (who doesn’t enjoy sticking in 3 fingers and playing with balls!) Then I’m in.

Share and share alike

I’m not personally convinced that 1 to 1 is the best way for modern relationships.  To me they still linger on to Victorianesque, women as property, based on on power hungry misinterpretations of the holy scriptures, which incidentally are FULL of sex, multiple partners, sleeping with your brothers wife etc. 

My issue with religious is that its easily ‘lost in translation, and used for control, rather than good. I consider myself polyamours, but live in a monogomous relationship.

If you ever look at the Bible/Torah/Quoran, you’ll notice that they include the same texts to some degree!

Polamoury, from loosely translated ‘many loves’ is a relationship where ‘play’ not always sex, is agreed with 1 or more partners. Often polyamorous relationships are intensely loving when successful, IF jealously can be put aside.

Swinging, is sharing partners for sex, usually the same, but often at ‘clubs’ or off websites. Sounds fab but I feel you need confidence or both be interested to really make it work.

Open relationships..  These really are probably one that occurs at the beginning of relationships, communication, awareness of other partners may be minimal, or it may be a relationship where 1 or more people just do not commit.  

Polygamy and polygyny.  Generally this involves recognised marriage to more than one spouse..  While legal in many religious it may not be legal in the law of a country.

My personal experiences of polyamory are that its difficult, jealousy often arises, even if unintentional, the illogical need to ‘own’ a partner are deep

Sex Toys – Recycle them Greener Play BDSM on a Budget

The 9 R’s Reduce, Reuse Recycle, Respect Rehome, Reward, Rethink Revovle and Rework

While I don’t always listen to my now rules.   I’m a big fan of made up fantasy Rules, Gibbs Rules from NCIS, the ST Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, there are some day to day rules that we can aim for.

IMG 8852
Don’t Eat the Poison Berries!

Recycling Sex Toys and BSDM on a budget.

As kids and teens we play about with different textures, smells, colours, as puberty and early adulthood hit we develop, and sometimes act on our fantasies, desires, preferences. We continue to touch things and increasingly, stick things inside our various orifices for dares, fun and pleasure! We lust for a fuller and fuller toybox! Usually reverting to 1 or 2 favourites and a bear!

Maybe for another topic.

Getting back on TOPic..:)  
A quick search brought me to the article I was looking for

Love Honey runs a Rabbit Amnesty, for other sex toys, and I think one or 2 other sites do. They are currently running various offers via quidco for new and existing customers!

I’m all for budget play, scarves, clothes pegs of various materials make excellent DIY clamps as does anything else that clamps, from hair clamps to harsh stationary/office and DIY screw clamps for the kinkiest budget player.

Rope is a good one for bondage, but you need to know some basic knots.

Clothes, pegs, Rope and Scarfs, ‘Connectors’  (I’ve tried to find a cheap link but these are 3 way, or 2 way  D ring connectors that allow bondage to be linked (usually for ‘hogtie’ or behind back bondage but be imaginative 

Rope, Rubber Bands and Zip Ties..  Rubber bands are generally REALLY NOT SAFE.. I’m repeatedly told But, I’ve used them without  any issue ever for play, breast binding etc. Use at your own discretion.   Same goes with bungee cords. Again I’ve used them often with a good set of cuffs and never had any accidents.

Zip ties, tight, coarse, just make sure you can remove them. Not personally used them but seems popular for breast bondage on Amateur Porn sites.

I’ve shopped from various mainstream suppliers such as LoveHoney, Sextoys UK,, and a few of the others. I find it pays to shop around a bit, often the ‘main cheap budget’ on all sites comes from China anyway, which I get to next.

I’m a contradiction when it comes to buying as I do shop directly from the cheap as chips AliExpress, part of Alibaba, products comes direct from China on a very Ebay/Amazon Buy It Now  type shop front.

To shop at AliExpress via Quidco for /Cashback, click HERE:

Examples below.

A Bed Bondage Kit costs around 3 quid.,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_52

Paddles that you WILL see on most mainstream adult stalls and Fetish Fairs/Markets for under 3 quid.

Its worth bearing in mind that shipping from China Takes a while, and anything over about 18 quid will most likely incur shipping/taxduty charges.

There are a few sites where you can sell toys, such as
Although be warned, like GumTree these include the popular market for used everything from underwear and bras (which now CAN be recycled properly) and less savoury ‘goods’.

I’ll finish with a suitable song: