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Well, I have been:)

Actually both myself and the girl contributed to THIS:

Look under Kidney Failure:

Your going to hear a lot more, probably about
The Outsiders Club, on this blog as MOST of my experiences since I decided to grasp BDSM and my sex life by the balls and attempt to enjoy as much of it as possible, have been possible due to the above mentioned organisation. From confidence building to playmates. From social anxiety to playing with wheelchair using subs and going to Night of The Senses and the Sexual Freedom Awards.
These would not have been possible without my membership of the club.

Do check out the website and share it on to anyone you think might like it:)

The Inspection part 1

If you’ve already read this. Nope its not nicked, its because you’ve checked out my LiveJournal in the past:

She knew what was coming, knew what to expect, but the thought of what she’d agreed, made her shiver with excitement.

The email had come through earlier with instructions. Sir was clear about preparation, sexy underwear and bra, and attire to suit depending weather and mode of transport. She was wearing the red and purple bra and panties.

The Email had read as follows.

“The room is booked in my name, get 2 key cards from the reception, and unpack your luggage, neatly as you’ve been taught. Put your toys on the bed, put your collar on, and leave the door on the latch.
When you get my text, prepare yourself as I’ve taught you.”
She waited, put some music on, via the TV.. she thought Sir would approve of something relaxing if he was travelling.

“Sir will be with His Slut, in 10 minutes, prepare yourself for inspection, clothes ON.’ The text came through.. Clear instructions…
She read the text.. Inspection?? She’d done this so many times on camera, but. The First Thing when Meeting.. She shivered with excitement, and nerves.

She started on her preparation. “I will Serve and Obey my Master’ she spoke to the room, she got down on her knees, and positioned herself facing the door, hands behind her back, in the position of subservience, legs parted, eyes to the floor.
She repeated the words, adding the mantra, His pleasure is my reward, to be given at His whim, His pain is my pleasure, for me to receive. I live to Serve Him, and no one else.
She was so engrossed that she almost missed the sound of the door opening, as she had her eyes closed, focusing, as He’d taught her, on the words, the feeling of her skin, her arousal, the memory of His Voice.
Sir entered and closed the door, closing the latch securely.

“Come to me slut” Sir commanded, and she crawled on all fours towards Sirs feet.


From Head to Toe, Top to Bottom

Words and photos or links by Rope & Roses 20019

This is the first part of the ‘Head to Toe, or Top to bottom part of my journal.

I always encourage new subs to undergo a ‘Head to toe, self examination in 3 ways’ when playing online., but more on that in another post. Part of My preference in play is to ensure everything, about my new ‘sub-ject’ gets examined:)

Starting with the head.

The head, containing of course, the brain, but also hair, nose, cheeks, eyes, ears, mouth, lips.

Its the biggest organ of pleasure, pain, stimulation.

Starting with the hair it can be pulled, dyed to be pleasurable for the viewer,used in the rope play and suspension,or shaven completely as punishment, scening or preference.
Personally I find hair a good way to ‘control’ a scene with a sub, and hair can be very ascetically pleasurable during a photoshoot.

And not to forgetting certain plats or weaves for certain ‘schoolgirl’ play, or Shibari Rope scenes.

Image linked as below, and example of Ponytail bondage/hairplay.

Please credit, and comment /contact if sharing or you wish to use any of my work.

Don’t knock the Genuine Newbie

Or maybe, read, think back, and listen before you reply.

This is something I wrote about 4 years ago. About an incident that happened many many moons before.
Also recently, I’ve been able to meet, and ‘Chaperone’ for want of a better word, someone not only fairly new to kink, but very recent to the area.”

Meeting has been a bonus to both of us as the single Munch is remote, and I don’t have a car, but she does. Although we share kinks as D/s she’s not interested in a poly relationship, which is fine. I finally actually now have 2 local ‘Kink friendly’ aware friends. Humans that I’ve actually meet, and can meet in person without having to censor conversation, and try and be that nice chap!

Something I’ve observed again and again is the ‘good advice’ from those on the scene.

Maybe my post should be titled ‘don’t shoot the newbie’.

Usually when someone’s introduction is made saying ‘I’m new, hello’.

I see the standardised replies.. Oh go to a lunch, you’ll meet people there, fill out your profile more, or just as commonly ‘you should be on another site’

Yes its quite hard to see those that expect everyone to jump around their new wonderfulness..

However, thinking back to my very beginning. I didn’t want to turn up randomly and meet with a group of strangers. My confidence wasn’t high, and while I’d been interested and online with the lifestyle for several years, I wasn’t ready to ‘take the plunge’.

As it was, I was incredibly lucky to first make a local friend, who I eventually met for a few coffees, who then took me to the then very small London Fetish fair, and introduced me to some real-time kinky Ds play. And that colourful technicolour wash that is BDSM.

They took, and gave me their time, rather than sending me off on my own.

While Fet, and just about every other site and app is full of the ballsack controlled newbie Dom’s and the inexperienced worship me Mistresses, my life might be very different if it wasn’t for a person who took the time to introduce me one to one to the scene…

Since then I’ve used that experience to share, and introduce people, not to the full on hardcore side of things but to the gentle stepping stone towards the kink journey. The Mentor and Chaperone is in!”

You might be wondering where the Roses come in to this blog?

As a lover of the outdoors, and the well known book of BDSM, Screw The Roses, Send me the Thorns, seemingly always recommended to ‘newbies’ to the scene you may be wondering where the roses come into my blog. (after a decade + of kink I consider myself a mature student to BDSM) and hopefully a Master to myself, at least, before anything else.

I love the being outdoors, even on a winters day (providing there’s a nice warm place to go to or a handy cafe), but for play, its an as yet unexplored passion, unless you count the nude photoshoot with a friend in her wheelchair or the odd outside bj and fingering. Its something I’d like to experience a lot more of.

Secondly, I grow a lot of plants, from seed, and other methods of propagation. Plants grow to fuck, basically and reproduce, from seeds, sending out shoots, roots and thrusting forth in unexpected places.

We think with our senses, and the mind, a scented rose can have scratchy thorns, and yet arouse bliss, a St Andrews X from solid wood will have been a tree (of course you can always bypass that and tie someone to a tree! ) And snow makes for a good backdrop for a naked body! 😉

Oh and not to mention Nettles, Willow, Bamboo, which all get thrown into our kinky world, before we even reach the platter of food play.

So I’ve yet to see a 50 Shades or BDSM Garden at Chelsea, but I’ve got some ideas! 😀
A Bamboo Paddle!

Welcome to my journal

Please enjoy the journal, More about me can be found here:

Inspired by my fellow blogger Tenshadesandme, this is a new format, new in the ‘not another wordpress site’ style.
I first started an ‘Adult’ Journal , on July 6th, 2006 on the defunct platform of LiveJournal. Although my interest, nay, passion now for BDSM stems from the late 80’s.
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