Toy Storage a personal perspective from a Dom

Inspired by 10 Shades and Me I thought I’d throw some  of my own Toy Storage ideas into play.

From A Dom side of things, its frustrating to have to rummage for ages, especially if your play time is limited and needs to be spontaneous.
Personally I’m working to slowly make the room more play friendly, perhaps a challenge given both our disabilities and busy lives.

The Top Drawer, next to the bed gets the basics, lube, a few small items etc. For those occasional cherished quickies. Items such as the claw (an extendable back scratcher), glass toys, etc get the honour of The Top Drawer!

In an ideal world I’d have a rack of toys handily on display in the bedroom/any room come dungeon.

Unfortunately we don’t all have this luxury.

For me.  Drawstring bags and Zip Bag Cheap as chips and great for small floggers, rope, and come in varying sizes.
Many toys already come in their own drawstring bags.
Small bags can be hung inside cupboard doors for easy access.
Tends to be used for, smaller vibes and plugs.

IMG 9660
Cheapest imports come from AliExpress or eBay, Amazon, although other retailers of course are available.  While I advocate buying local, most big chains will ship in from cheap in China. Of course for drawstring bags you COULD make your own, if you have some basic skills with a needle and thread.

Pros, you need to organise stuff, easy to carry/hang. Easy to keep a ‘ready bag’ for play if needs be with small toys/lube sachets etc, maybe a claw
Cons. Generally not waterproof, tend to get dusty.

Dry Bags, go to any large camping supplies and you’ll find dry bags in various sizes from small to massive for storing rope etc.

While I don’t use these for toys etc. ( I have other interests) Available from many retailers from dirt cheap on Aliexpress, they are available online from Sports Direct (see link above etc.
Great if you do outdoor play, need to transport stuff that really needs to stay dry. Keeps your gear dry.

Ideally for ‘stuff that can go in a bag’.

Toolboxes,  for the discerning Dom toolboxes look masculine. I have 3 Stanley Workzone similar to this, and some go under the bed, some go in the wardrobe (trying to minimise space)
They also have the advantage of being stackable, and lockable if needs be.
Tends to be used for – Rope, Longer Floggers, Cuffs, padlocks, etc

IMG 9662

Pro’s looks masculine and chunky. Good for rope, long floggers bondage tape etc. Easy to load into a car/lockable.

Con’s other than someone thinking your a DIY genius or asking why there’s toolboxes in your bedroom (IF they happen to look in your cupboard under the bed) We do get the odd cleaner but they aren’t usually bending down to ogle under the bed!

Get dusty (as do all things)

So different Dom/subs or Tops/bottoms will have different solutions.

If your into age play, a kids toy chest  or ottoman might be used, if your into Medical Play, maybe a traditional Doctors bag and white coat (I own the latter) despite not being heavily into medical play!

I have friends in the scene that have the luxury of creating a themed play room or area geared to whatever type of play they prefer, wether its suspension in the attic or a dungeon in the basement!
And if thats possible, why not!`

Thank you for reading, you may see this entry Xposted to my other journal, but if you see any of my work copied and it looks like its not credited, let me know.
Wishing you a spanking good amount of happiness in this bleak climate!

(Coming soon, someone asked me at a Munch, What do you Like?)

One or 2 of the links might earn me a little credit, the majority not!
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