Flu Jab – And the NHS

This is possibly one of the unsexiest posts your gonna get, I really don’t want to get into political posts. Its depressing, and to quote the song ‘No Matter Who You Vote For’  the government always gets in!
The UK healthcare system, is by and large ‘FREE’ at the point of service to those who need it.

It works, its not the best, but one of the best globally. Its under threat, from that stinking blond haired skunk and our own insane PM. People like myself will suffer, and some die, even more. But private healthcare is still NOT the answer, that would not change that.

So I’ve had this years flu jab. Whatever your opinions IF you have a chronic condition it can save lives. Not everyone, they don’t always get it right, and hey, the earth has too many capitalising predators anyway. Top wealth in the UK is distributed to less than 100 people, and people have the NERVE to go on about equality!

The current rule is, one health issue’ one appointment. Hmm suspicious that, GP’s get paid ‘by appointment’ Many are run by ‘semi private’ companies, or indeed fully commercial such as Virgin Health.

I digress, I had to push to get a flu jab (supposed to be a separate appointment), and in theory book separate appointments, maybe months apart as its nigh on impossible at the moment, if its not an emergency.
Thankfully I also covered mental, sexual health, and my hearing issues without having toe make another appointment, which if I did book would be 2 days in December, and that would only cover 2 issues.