Don’t Drink the Lemonade – A Munching I did go!

So, I got a lift last night (Mon) of the delightful young D, a 28 year old f sub,  (who I’d quite honestly love to do diabolical and sordid deeds with!) to the local Fetish Munch (Telford Fetish Munch on Fetlife) Going after treatment, is, always a challenge for me. It washes me out, literally, so a 2 and a half hour nap, and after a month or so of depression I was not quite usual self. Its an informal munch but supposedly the only gay pub in the village, makes me think of elements of Royston Vasey and indeed a C4 program of the same name! If you care to check its the 3 Furnaces, Madely! 

Its actually a regular, but  remote pub, seemingly with a bit of a reputation ‘Its a drug den’, oh yes I’ve HEARD of it, but is allegedly the only fairly tolerant to LGBTQ+ folks in the area, I do find this hard to believe. Its listed as a gay pub but its pretty open, although the pink walls near the stage area do kinda shout out! I say remote, OK its stuck on a main road, across the edge of the Brookside estate (possibly named after the TV program)! 

They do have a poker night and various acts/drag events on during the week it seems. Although the poker players seem to be more of a modern day gang from Bugsey Malone than adults! Age wise, they look like school kids!

Not feeling at my best I went to get a drink, treat myself to a Pepsi, they only do Pepsi Max  WTF!  So I go for a lemonade, I must remember. I’ve had the taste of artificial sweetener in my mouth since last night, and it won’t go till my next treatment tomorrow morning.  Better to bring my own flask or stick with tea! Possible the most random conversation was that of the location of a power socket. I think would have been right up MrsWolfie’s style of debate! (Why I think this I dunno). We’ve talked so much over the years we could well have met more than twice person.

About 21 people turned up, now thats about my limit for an event, especially in a small venue. I’ve now added a few more people on Fet, and can hopefully work towards meeting them more regularly. This includes one bi sub who’s a bit outside my age range that I usually think about with males, although online I’ve had a few! Nice backside tho, and a mascohist! 

Might be trying ANOTHER Mon night munch in a few weeks, again, getting a lift from the lovely D

Will I go again. Hell yes, its the social aspect of being comfy around like and openminded people that I miss even without fairs and play! And if more events come about, trips to BBB or kinky peeps bowling (who doesn’t enjoy sticking in 3 fingers and playing with balls!) Then I’m in.