A Questionnaire and Harvesting Pleasure

Having spent most of my life in London, and involved in the Adult Scene Sh! is no mystery to me, indeed some of my work was read at a booklaunch there (by L as I was in hospital) FUN, my own SMUT read out loud in front of a select audience. Inspired by KD Graces ‘Pet Shop Series’

Anyway for any London readers THIS event is on, and Sh does to stuff/events for men too.  Mostly lasses, but blokes as well, usually Thursdays, for some reason? Kinky Thursday?

This may well entertain MrsWolfie

Harvesting Pleasure is NOT a term I’ve seen before, it intrigued me

The Wibbly Wobbly provided me with no info, google is NOT my primary search engine anymore! :), not as such.. I digress, it could get technical.

Putting a search into DDG (thats DuckDuckGo for you perves! ) gave me nothing, neither did Urban Dictionary.  How can a workshop be held on something I’ve never heard off?

Perhaps a little deeper, oh so much deeper into the panellists will pay off.  Even Fetlife doesn’t have the term/fetish/group, etc! That, I don’t have time for right now

2 THE QUESTIONARE..  Posted by a good poly, green,geeky, Londoner friend who I’ve met once or twice.  This is hopefully going to shed some factual light on Poly.  Should take about 20 mins and I’ll be filling it in later.. You do not need to use a real name. But please consider sharing it. 

Practical Poly.

A research survey by John Button for a presentation at the international
NMCI (Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies) conference in
Barcelona, 14–16 November 2019


I think perhaps the world is not fully ready for poly, or BDSM, and even if it is do we want a watered down, mainstream, divided by those who DO and DON’T like most of the UK at the moment!