Sorry Dear Readers

I’ve been down with the lurgy for the past 2 weeks, leaving me, hopefully temporarily partially deaf in 1 ear and feeling about as sexy as a piece of burnt coal!  

This for me leads to depression, immense self doubt, this time of year, like many many others is hard.Not to mention finding it hard to keep on top of things other than going through the doldrum routine of treatment, food, sleep, and everyday chat.

Having regular bloods I can actually see the white blood cells having reason as my feeble bod fought off the virus.

That and the death of another ex playmate,  doesn’t give me a good rep, does it?

Breast cancer on an already immune suppressed body isn’t a good mix.

. Adding to that a very messy earlier exploration of her kink some years back that I think may have resulted in her being a boring if ‘good girl’ and reluctant to talk to sexual issues with family or friends.  Religion and culture can really fuck up a persons sexuality!  We hurt one another I’d lost total touch with her for about 10 years, before another friend reached out and let me know last week. Her funeral was last Friday.   

So heres a toast to the little imp in my life who despite us hurting each other.  And 

She identified as a rainbow dolphin as her day to day avatar but even the vicious horn, and blood red fearsome eyes they hide from us mortals could not save her.

Today is gonna be a day of autumn vanilla, sorting, tidying, paperwork. And hunting for food for a quid! More on that new vanilla aspect possibly for another day, if I can incorporate some budget BDSM into a story! Food play for a quid! Jokes about Greggs Sausage Rolls?

“Especially with my recent “discovery”. If only my family weren’t so embarassed to talk about body and sexual stuff, if only I didn’t have to grow up feeling that all that is “dirty” and everything, then maybe, I would have found out what I did BEFORE age 23, and found it myself not through a stupid medical folder… I was awful at science and biology in school, have no idea if this stuff was even covered in my secondary school in kenya.. and even if it was, its not like I’d have known, since I was sat at home being unable to walk and being ill and none of us even thinking about arranging for home tuition or anything of the sort. But, I can’t help wondering, is there any kinds of situations where people would not be able to sexually and/or physically feel anything? Even if its not heard of.. or rarely heard of.. what if that is me? When it comes to hospital.. I am terrified of pain. So what lengths am I willing to go to find this out?  “

Words by my ‘Little Imp’


Sex Ed and Support for the Disabled including Individuals and Professionals.

Outsiders Resources:

On Dating..  

Sex Aids

Disability Horizons Sex and Relationships.. Resources, Guest Bloggers etc.

Its perhaps my own experiences, needs, perversions that DRIVE me to throw sex in peoples faces sometimes, to always gauge how people might need info. 

Almost every time I see a another disabled person I’m wondering what their desires are, is their sexual health/lifestyle catered for in a care plan, education.  Or have they been had only their basic needs met, in a cold LA clinical assessment method.

More unicorns, less trolls.